Owner/Online Personal Coach and Trainer

Irene Pieper

Former national and international competition climber Irene (40+) is (again) a 7b+/V8 boulderer and now heading up for her first 7c/V9. She wants to share her training experiences and skills too customers, to everyone who wants to train. Trained as a climbing coach and functional strength and conditioning trainer, Irene intends to improve the performance from both recreational climbers and competitive athletes. Learn how to build a physical frame, unlock your full performance potential and to avoid injury for lifetime balanced climbing life.
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Rigtersbleek Zandvoort 10, 7521 BE Enschede, The Netherlands
Climbing Trainer
Strength & Conditioning Trainer

Unleash Your full performance potential

Almost 25 years ago, I started climbing. After my competition career and many injuries, I discovered how I really should train thanks to the FITclimbing method. Since then, it’s been my mission to sway other people to train like this.
Irene PIeper