Tips to stay motivated

How to stay motivated during times facing obstacles or setbacks (e.g. injuries, no possibilities to train like normally)

HIIT Training

HIIT to improve local anaerobic fitness, maximum performance and to enlarge recovery capacity.

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– about ‘HIIT Training’

Strength Training

Build a solid base with strength training based on fundamental climbing movements.

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– about ‘Strength Training’

FITclimbing Planner

Choose your goal, identify your FITclimbing start level and choose workouts with the FITclimbing Planner.

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– check the ‘start up help
– check ‘identify your FITclimbing level

Chained Training Plans

Build a solid base for strength and fitness. Chain and plan your training systematically with these training plan examples.

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– check the start up help
– ‘plan your training’