Privacy Statement

Informs you how FITclimbing deals with the personal data which is processed for the products and services offered by FITclimbing (hereafter: ‘the Products’).

Among other things, FITclimbing offers people a platform which helps them to get fit. For this purpose personal data is processed, including data about the physical condition of people, like body weight. Therefore, it is important to know that FITclimbing uses Virtuagym services that treat your personal data carefully, according to the Dutch law on Protection of Personal Data. Virtuagym has been registered with the Board on Protection of Personal Data in The Netherlands (College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens) under registration number 1524272. This Privacy Statement, in combination with the General Terms and Conditions, applies to all users of the Products, whether they are registered or not.

1. What are personal data?
Personal data are the data which contain information about a person (not a company), who is identifiable on the basis of such data. In the example, your name, address and phone number are personal data. For the protection of your privacy, Dutch law on the protection of personal data aims to make sure that your personal data is treated with care.

2. What information does FITclimbing and or Virtuagym collect and process?
First of all Virtuagym processes general user information during the use of the Products, like for example the IP-address of your computer, the kind of internet browser you use and how you are using FITclimbing and or Virtuagym, for example, which pages you visit on the website. Beside this Virtuagym makes use ‘cookies’, which are little textfiles the server of Virtuagym saves on your hard drive or in the memory of your computer, to be at service for your next visit. Cookies are used by most websites and are not damaging to your computer. You can set your internet browser to block the use of new cookies, but this may disable some parts of the Products.

Users can make a personal profile for optimal use of the Products, for which FITclimbing and or Virtuagym needs additional data, including your name, surname and e-mail address. Additionally, you need to provide data, which is necessary for specific services, like your language, age, length, weight, sex and the place of residence. During the registration, you can indicate not to show your real name on your profile, so other users cannot use the information displayed on your profile to trace it to you.

While using the Products you can add additional data, like a profile photo and additional data about your physical condition, like body fat percentage, waist size, BMI, the gym where you work out, etc. The data filled in during the Fittest will be processed automatically within your profile.

3. To which extent is your information visible?
FITclimbing and or Virtuagym offers you the opportunity to hide your real name so that the data cannot be used to trace you. Paying members have the option to hide information and even can make their whole profile invisible for other users.

4. How does FITclimbing and or Virtuagym protect your personal data?
Virtuagym makes the appropriate technical and organizational measurements to protect (personal)data which is processed against loss or any form of unlawful processing. In an example, your password is stored fully encrypted, so not even employees of FITclimbing and or Virtuagym have access to it. However, please realize when sharing your information with FITclimbing and or Virtuagym that no computer system in the world connected to the internet can be 100% protected and that data can be unlawfully stolen. Just like someone could break in at the hospital to steal your medical file. Please note that FITclimbing and or Virtuagym shall never provide personal data to third parties without your explicit permission.

5. How does FITclimbing and or Virtuagym use your personal data?
FITclimbing and or Virtuagym can use personal data for the following purposes:

  1. a) In order to give you sportive, health and lifestyle advice.
  2. b) To keep you up to date regarding important information on the Products, in example new updates.
  3. c) To make sure that the Products fill in your needs as good as possible.
  4. d) For protection purposes and aggregation of anonymous statistical data.

We hate spam just as much as you do and therefore we will only email you occasionally about updates of the Products. In your profile settings, you have extensive e-mail options, allowing you to indicate which emails you do and do not want to receive, including email coaching by FITclimbing.

Only with your explicit permission will FITclimbing and or Virtuagym approach you with great offers and discounts from partners of FITclimbing and or Virtuagym. In principle, FITclimbing and or Virtuagym will only provide data to third parties if it is required by law.

6. Modifications
This Privacy Statement can be extended or otherwise modified. By using the Products after modification, you declare to agree with such modifications. Please check regularly if the Privacy Statement has been modified.

Last modification: 01 April 2019