Coach Irene



coaching & Sport Performance Trainer
I started climbing almost 25 years ago. After a national and international competition career (and many injuries later), I started a different way of training to get fitter, stronger and more resistant to injuries, now called the FITclimbing method. Since then, it’s my mission to convince other climbers to train like this.
“This new way of training with FITclimbing workouts has made me more fit and stronger than during my competition career. Now at 40+ I am bouldering 7b+/V8 again and heading up now for my first 7c/V9. I want to share my training experiences to everyone who wants to train.
I am a professional functional strength and sport performance trainer and climbing coach and trainer. I want to improve the performance of both recreational climbers and competitive athletes. To learn how to build a physical frame and to unlock your full performance potential”.

FITclimbing Timeline

In 2008 Michel Kleinjan coached an athlete on his way to the Beijing Olympic Summer Games. He was inspired by the systematic training methods of this athlete. Climbing training was at that time mainly through private tried and tested methods. Michel’s mission was born: Let’s make climbing training mainstream”

Further development of FITclimbing

Take-over by user and (now) ‘Coach Irene’ and further development of the product FITclimbing to help climbers to start training.

Start app and name FITclimbing

Bringing the app into service with HIIT workouts and strength workouts for climbers where clients can plan their own personal training schedules or train with the support of a coach.

Start training sessions with HIIT training

Started with making personalised High Intensity Interval Training programs for clients under the name Topfit. With personal feedback from information gathered in Polar Flow.

Started working together with Polar to develop training method

Polar Netherlands endorsed the findings about sport climbing and heart rate zone training and has since been a partner in the search for optimization of training for sport climbing.

Started experimenting with training in heart rate zones

Try out phase with several training methods by using a heart rate tracker. Started learning the do’s and don’ts of training in different heart rate zones.

Let’s make climbing training mainstream

Inspired by the systematic training routine when coaching an Olympic athlete, Michel Kleinjan launched the idea of making climbing training mainstream.