Coach Irene



coaching & Sport Performance Trainer
I started climbing almost 25 years ago. After a national and international competition career (and many injuries later), I started a different way of training to get fitter, stronger and more resistant to injuries, now called the FITclimbing method. Since then, it’s my mission to convince other climbers to train like this.
“This new way of training with FITclimbing workouts has made me more fit and stronger than during my competition career. Now at 40+ I am bouldering 7b+/V8 again and heading up now for my first 7c/V9. I want to share my training experiences to everyone who wants to train.
I am a professional functional strength and sport performance trainer and climbing coach and trainer. I want to improve the performance of both recreational climbers and competitive athletes. To learn how to build a physical frame and to unlock your full performance potential”.
“I want to let know and learn everybody how effective you can train with FITclimbing. Training with FITclimbing is tough, sweaty, challenging but above all, lots of fun.”​
Irene Pieper
Climber & FITclimbing Performance Coach