What do I train with FITclimbing workouts?

What do I train with FITclimbing workouts?

HIIT Workouts Boulder, Boulder Power and Lead

With our HIIT workouts for lead and boulder you will train your heart (muscle) and will develop local anaerobic fitness and maximum performance. You will train at the right intensity (more than regular climbing training, see also HIITraining for climbing) to trigger muscle and vessel growth. Targeted muscle groups; the forearms!

You will also enlarge your recovery capacity and you will train your mental and neurological capacity. It will improve the efficiency of your other climbing and training sessions, and in the end, it will raise your climbing level.

Your goal(s) and training needs will determine which workout would be best for you.

  • HIIT Lead Workouts > will develop endurance
  • HIIT Boulder Workouts > will develop endurance and power endurance
  • HIIT Boulder Power Workouts > will develop power and power endurance
Strength Workouts, Basic and Workouts

With FITclimbing Strength Workouts you will train strength and power endurance.
Training strength with functional exercises based on climbing movements. Not training single muscles but movement patterns which make you use multiple large and small muscles at the same time. At the same time, you train coordination, stability and mobility.

And as well as our lead and boulder workouts, our strength workouts are based on the HIIT principle. Working with high loads, relatively long sets and short rest periods will build your strength and power endurance. A very efficient way of training to improve your physical frame for climbing.

1. Start training with Strength Basics first to get your body used to the fundamental moves and to train basic strength.
2. Move up to Strength Progressions, adding weights and make the moves more and more complex.

Running Workouts

If you like (not necessary) you can complete your training with Running. Or use Running Workouts to train endurance if you don’t have access to lead climbing for a specified period. Use our A half year running program (26 workouts) to support your body with a perfect oxygen supply and maximum function of oxygen transportation.

Learn more about choosing your workouts and plan your training, see our FITclimbing Planner.