Start training with HIIT Workouts

Start training with HIIT Workouts

Before you can start training with FITclimbing, you need to identify your Start Level. If you know your start level you start with no.1 in your level.

See also our FITclimbing Planner.

  1. Go to ‘plan’.
  2. Select the day you want to plan a workout.
  3. Click ‘+ button’.
  4. Choose ‘workout’.
  5. Select your workout.
  6. Search your workout by scrolling or by using the search button.
  7. Click ‘calendar button’. Choose only once to do the workout once today
    or repeat to plan multiple days (and/or weeks).
  8. Select the days you want to do this workout. 
  1. Go to ‘Plan’ and select day.
  2. Click on the first exercise or scroll down and click on ‘play workout’.
  3. Click Play button to start training.

The workouts are High Intensity Interval Trainings that are played as a timer in the FITclimbing app and which shows which grades you have to climb and for how long. A workout is between 45 and 75 minutes. The time given for climbing means you climb continuously and are switching from route/boulder to router/boulder.

The idea is to keep climbing even when you decide to climb to your max. Make sure you keep on climbing or resting on the wall while standing on steps and always have one hand connected to the wall.  

If you fail (fall) more than 3 times during a training session, choose 1 grade easier than the workout indicates. Complete the session as well as you can! During the next training session, you then choose 1 or more workouts lower than the workout you did last time. Repeat this process until you no longer fail.

Repeat every workout twice (2 workout days) and after you have done the workout twice go 1 number up. Ensure a minimum of 24 hours of rest from your lead workout and 48 hours from a HIIT workout to the next one.

HIIT training works the best if you do it twice a week. Doing HIIT training only once a week only maintains your current level and doesn’t lead to progress. More than 2 times a week doesn’t make sense and doesn’t bring about any improvement.
More info about planning see ‘Plan your training’

  • Put on comfortable climbing shoes you can wear for the whole session.
  • Make sure you know where the routes/boulders you want to use for your training session in the gym are. For the harder levels you can choose only 2 to 3 routes/boulders who are close to each other to make your round. You can climb a route/boulder several times.
  • Choose routes/boulders in different styles, as many as possible. Also choose the ones which are often not your style.
Take your time to get familiar with FITclimbing

0 – 3 months
Train systematically 1 or 2 times a week for 3 months and feel the changes. Get fitter and climbing will feel easier.

3 – 12 months
Identify goals and schedule your weekly training with FITclimbing. Guaranteed improvement in body and condition. Your level will improve.

Rest of your climbing life
Train to stay fit and strong. Choose different training options to keep improving.