Sustainability and maintenance

Sustainability and maintenance

No opportunity to train? Is the gym closed? Afraid to lose everything you build up? Luckily it’s not going that fast losing everything you worked hard for. Although it also depends on how well you have built it up.


When training 3 – 6 weeks in a specific routine, you will, depending on what you choose to train, build up aerobic and anaerobic fitness, power endurance and strength. When you stop training because you are having an injury, a busy work schedule or having no access to the gym, you will lose part of your strength, power endurance and endurance.

  • your power endurance will stay for approx 15 +/- 5 days.
  • your anaerobic fitness will stay for 18 +/- 5 days
  • your strength will stay for 30 +/- 5 days
  • and also your endurance will stay for 30 +/- 5 days

After the given days, these several systems will slowly reduce. How fast it goes also depends on how much you have trained before. The longer your training history is, the less fast this will go.


So no training for a few weeks is lowering down your fitness and strength. Another option besides quitting your training completely is searching for options to keep your training level by minimizing your training routine.

We are following these guidelines to maintain your training level:

  • Doing a workout once a week = keeping your level
  • Doing a workout 2 or 3 times a week = making progression
Keeping your level (maintenance)
Making progression
HIIT Lead Workouts
Lead endurance and power endurance (anaerobic local fitness)
1 x per week
2 x per week max
HIIT Boulder Workouts
Boulder endurance and power endurance (anaerobic local fitness)
1 x per week
2 x per week max
Strength Workouts
Strength and power endurance
1 x per week
3 x per week max
HIIT Running Workouts
1 x per week
2 x per week max

This durability knowledge, we are using when planning ‘deload weeks’ in between training cycles, where we lower down our training volume but keeping up our training level. This knowledge can also be used when there are no or fewer opportunities to train.

Also good to know is that the FITclimbing Strength Workouts are, as well as our HIIT Workouts, based on the high-intensity interval principle. Working with high loads, relatively long sets and short rest periods will build your strength and power endurance, the elements you need for climbing. Besides that, this way of training will be a stimulus for your brain to train it to reach your limits and improve your sporting performance. So Strength Workouts can also help you to maintain your climbing fitness.

So yes, if you stop training, you can lose some of the things you build up before. But losing it goes not that quickly as you may think. It will certainly help if you build up your training properly before and also if you are making a proper maintenance plan. And don’t forget, a short rest period can be useful for your body and mind. So don’t worry too much about not training or training less for a while.