Strength Training


Whether you are competition athlete or recreational climber, a good physical frame is important
to avoid injuries and unlock your full performance potential.

Build a solid base with


Strength is an important element in climbing. Strength is easy to train. But to train strength in a good way without injuries can be a challenge. FITclimbing workouts are based on fundamental climbing movement patterns to build a solid base for having a lifetime injury free and a balanced climbing life.

“FITclimbing helps me to keep track of how often I train. It also gives me a positive boost when I see how much I've done and how many hours I actually train in a week! Proud of myself.”
Leon van Helden
FITclimbing user
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Strength Workouts

Our app contains Strength Basic Workouts to train strength and power endurance.

  • Strength Basics Level 1
  • Strength Basics Level 2
  • Strength Basics Level 3

The 3 levels of Strength Basic Workouts teach the fundamental movement patterns and strengthen your muscle chain. At every level they become more and more complex, just like climbing moves.

After finished the Basics you can go further with Strength Progression Workouts, where weights are added, to develop even more ‘climbing power’.

Climbing does look like a full body workout, but some muscle groups are easily forgotten. Forget about training single antagonists but start building your physical frame and unleash your full performance potential.

improve your physical frame

Build a solid base for having a lifetime injury free and balanced climbing life.