FITclimbing App


Plan and chain your training with a consistent load in a similar pattern
to improve and to develop your full performance potential.

Easy to use and always available

YOUR ONLINE climbing coach

The FITclimbing app is thé tool to get fit, get stronger and to get a more systematic training routine. The workouts are easy to chain from one workout to the next one. Plan your own personal plan, track nutritions and your progression and join the FITclimbing community.

  • 810 HIIT Workouts for Lead & Boulder

  • From level 5 up to 7c (onsight level)

  • 120 Strength Workouts

  • A half year HIIT Running Program

  • Strength mobility workouts
  • Easy training planner

  • Check your performance

  • Get connected with the FITclimbing community

  • Plan and track your nutritions.

Keep on track of your training and performance


Guided workout videos
All workouts are played as a timer in the FITclimbing app and will guide you through your training. Clear icons show which grades you have to climb, for how long and what intensity is needed.

3D animated videos will guide you through the exercises for the strength workouts. You can even make your own workout with the 3.000+ available 3D animated exercises. See the video and instructions for how the exercise is done and check which muscles you are using.

Plan your training
In ‘Plan’ you can schedule your own personalized training program. Add workouts, add other activities, check upcoming activities and join challenges.

For more info about how to set up your training check the start up help.

Track your performance and nutritions
Check your activity, log your body values and performance and check your achievements. To plan and track your nutrition you need to download the Food-app too.

Start training!

get the app

1. Become a member
Go to our shop and buy one of the memberships. With your membership account you can acces the FITclimbing app.

2. Download the app
Download the FITclimbing app in Google Play or Apple Store. If you wish to keep on track of your nutrition, download the separate food-app too.  

3. Make you own personalized plan
Start planning and start training. Log all training
and activities, check upcoming activities and track your performance.


Become a member and start training in an efficient, balanced way.