Functional strength training

Functional strength training

Strength is an essential element in climbing. Strength is easy to train. But to train strength in the right way without injuries can be a challenge. Often, strength training in climbing ends up with only specific strength training without a solid base of overall strength resulting in injuries.

Whether you are a competition athlete or a recreational climber, if your physical frame is not appropriately developed with a suitable program at the beginning, it may limit your future progress. A well-planned strength program makes your whole muscle chain stronger, which makes them more resistant to a maximum load (for example a comp or climbing your hardest project).

Functional strength training?

Our Strength Workouts are functional exercises based on climbing movements. The FITclimbing Strength Workouts will guide you through the ‘strength basics’ and move on to more complex exercises to build your strength. You are not training single muscles but movement patterns which make you use multiple large and small muscles at the same time (like with climbing). At the same time, you train coordination, stability and mobility as well. This is a very efficient way of training to improve your physical frame for climbing.

As well as our HIIT workouts, the strength workouts are also based on the high intensity interval principle. Working with high loads, relatively long sets and short rest periods will build your strength and power endurance, the elements you need for climbing. Besides that, this way of training will be a stimulus for your brain to train it to reach your limits and improve your sporting performance.

Strength Basics and Progressions Workouts

The FITclimbing app contains 3 levels of Strength Basic Workouts to train strength and power endurance. Each level has 30 chained workouts. 

The Strength Basic Workouts allow you to become familiar with the movements and to strengthen your muscle chain. Like climbing moves, the movement patterns become more and more complex as they go up in number and level.

After finishing the Basics you can go further with Strength Progressions Workouts, where weights are added, to develop even more ‘climbing power’.

An often asked question about the strength training ‘Can I get heavier from strength training?’. Yes and no. It is possible you are gaining a bit from getting more muscles, but you will not grow massively like with bodybuilding by training with this kind of workouts. And besides that your metabolism will also become more efficient and will eventually burn fat and calories easier, so you will become lighter again or at least more skilled. 

Start training strength in the right way. Forget about training single antagonists and build a solid base with fundamental strength training to enjoy a lifetime injury free and a balanced climbing life.